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A B O U T  

A B O U T  


E L L I O T T  M A L L I N S O N : Film, Graphic Design, Photography & Media

With a broad range of specialisms between us, including extreme sports filming, performing arts productions and music composition, your brand or project can benefit from our expertise. Music for your videos that are written to suit your needs, and are exclusive to you as our client, filming your events, theatre productions or special occasions, we have every angle covered...

We produce videos, photos and websites that will really set your company apart from the competition. Whether that be using our aerial drone video and photography, our beautiful portraits and imagery, or our striking and modern design services.


We work with our clients from initial creative direction through to the finished product; stunning online content for today’s competitive market. 

At Blacklight, we are truly passionate about showcasing your event or your brand in the most visually appealing and enticing way. Let us tell your story... 

Blacklight Film Design Media Cornwall Jenni Dandy

J E N N I  D A N D Y : Design, SEO & Music Composition

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